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The staff at CORE Construction Services, LLC was responsible for preconstruction services and
purchasing for the NOVACARE COMPLEX/Philadelphia Eagles Training Center.

The 110,000-SF NovaCare Complex contains training facilities and offices for the Philadelphia Eagles professional football team, and an outpatient physical therapy center operated by NovaCare. The L-shaped plan of this complex created a training wing and an administrative wing with shared facilities on the ground floor that contribute to the club’s identity and spirit of teamwork. The administrative wing contains offices, a 189-seat auditorium, high-tech team meeting rooms, and food service facilities with a dining terrace and bleachers overlooking the main practice field. The training wing contains extensive strength and conditioning facilities: an 8,000-SF weight room, aerobic exercise rooms, and a therapy pool with hydraulic floor. The site includes several outdoor practice fields and a modified pre-fab building used for indoor practice and events.